What is an escalation clause? How does it pertain to you as a homebuyer?

The escalation clause is something that’s written into your contract by your buyer’s agent. It states that you will pay X amount of money (let’s say $500 to $1,000) over the asking price of any other bona fide contract that the seller receives prior to the acceptance of any offers. The escalation goes up to a certain dollar amount.

Let’s say the house you want is $300,000 and you’d be willing to pay $320,000 for it. Rather than just write an offer for $320,000, you would write an offer that’s a little bit over what everyone else wrote. If there are five other offers and the highest one is $305,00, and you said you’d pay as much as $1,000 over any other offer, you’d pay $306,000 for the house. This way, you get the house without having to pay the full $320,000!

“An escalation clause can mean the difference between winning and losing your dream home.”

The escalation clause is a lot more complicated than what I just made it out to be, but it’s one of those things that, if used correctly, can mean the difference between winning the house and losing the house.

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