Sandie is smart, organized, technologically savvy and straight-forward

I chose to interview Sandie because I remembered she was a volunteer when my home in St. Louis Hills was in the House Tour. I respect a working professional that gives back to the community. Upon meeting her, I informed her that I had nothing but negative experiences with realtors in the past. I  told her I had several acquaintances that are realtors but given my mistrust, I wanted to go with someone I didn’t know so if this turned into another bad experience, it wouldn’t damage any relationships.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Sandie is smart, organized, technologically savvy and straight-forward. She has a team of people/contacts that clearly respect her and like working with her. She guided me through the process without being pushy and really looked out for my best interest in a very realistic and professional way. She didn’t try to sell me on anything but rather gave explanations of the pros and cons and let me decide. I found myself asking her what she would do which is something I have never trusted a realtor enough to do in the past. She had services that were up and above my expectations that seemed to be just a part of how she does business.

I still think selling a house is miserable…but when I choose to do it again, I won’t have the added frustration of choosing a realtor. Sandie is my realtor.