She was fabulous and everything went off ..

I have two client experiences with Sandie to write about.

The first was when we had to sell our house after 10 months of ownership and Sandie was our agent. She was fabulous and everything went off flawlessly! Even when we had to replace our furnace on the DAY OF CLOSING (talk about  stress!), it was covered since we had purchased a home warranty!

The second, and more recent, relates to how Sandie knows the business like no other. We were selling a house in another state and trying to pick an agent. I met with 2 agents who went through our house and brought their comps. I liked both agents but there was a wide discrepancy between the prices they wanted to list the house at. OF COURSE I was more drawn to the agent who wanted to list it at the higher price…who wouldn’t be? But even when I looked at the comps I didn’t quite feel comfortable with it. So I called Sandie to ask her opinion, and she had long talk with me about going with an agent that KNOWS the area, that has a VAST amount of experience, and that is realistic. She was right. We sold the house without any complications and were thrilled with the Remax agent that we used there! She was very much like Sandie…knew the market SO well and had massive experience that helped us have a smooth deal! So even when Sandie WASN’T directly our agent, she used her knowledge and experience to make our transition leaving our home that we loved and moving to a new state. :)

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